Walking a mile in our shoes

Three like minded sneaker heads that had a rough past and always wanted a massive sneaker collection but could never afford it.
Then we realized why do you need to pay 3 times the retail price instore for your desired sneaker when you can get the same pair of shoes at private sellers for a fraction of the price.

Growing up we never had the latest shoes, as we could not keep up with the crazy prices of sneakers, so we always wore secondhand shoes or no shoes at all. We would always envy the children that had the latest sneakers but knew oneday we would be able to build massive sneaker collections.

We started with the idea to sell sneakers because we know there is sneaker heads out there just like us who can’t afford the crazy prices in stores so we did a lot of research and found a way where we can sell the best quality sneakers for a fraction of the price to keep all of you sneaker heads satisfied. As we learned more about the shoes and quality of the sneakers we learned about unauthorized authentic sneakers “the grey market shoes”. We searched for months with a lot of dead ends but never stopped because we wanted to finish what we started and accomplish the dreams we had since we were little. After months of hardwork we found our supplier with the best quality shoes.

We started a website to make our store more accessible for our clients. Our website is all about selling sneakers for much less but also to inspire people to find a way to follow and pursue what you are most interested in and passionate about. Just like us with sneakers.

So buy a pair to build your sneaker collection and join us on our journey to walk a mile in our shoes.